FORHEAD Annual Conference 2011: Beijing, China – November 3 – 4, 2011

The Forum on Health, Environment and Development (FORHEAD), co-directed by the SSRC China Environment and Health Initiative, organized its third Annual Conference in Beijing in partnership with the Institute of Geographic Science and Nature Resources Research, CAS in early November.

This two-day meeting provided an opportunity for researchers in the natural, medical and social sciences to share their research progress and findings on a range of environment and health issues related to development. It was attended by more than 80 individuals from Beijing and provincial academic institutes (including government research centers), government authorities, NGOs and media with multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

In the context of the China’s 12th 5 year plan drawn up earlier this year, the conference featured one panel on “Environment and Health in the Twelfth Five Year Plan,” and another three panels on “Food Safety,” “Data, Indicators, Risk Assessment,” and “Civil Society and Environment and Health.” Other speakers presented their case studies on cancer villages, heavy metal pollution, solid waste management, etc. Selected recipients of the SSRC Collaborative Grants Program were also invited to introduce their research and findings.