Cuba Item

Nina Glick Schiller (University of Manchester), Naomi Glick Schiller (Temple University), Sarah Doty (SSRC), Eric Popkin (Colorado College), Josh DeWind (SSRC), and Ronald Skeldon (University of Sussex) enjoy a meal at the paladar La Esperanza in Havana, Cuba. Photo courtesy of Bryan Roberts.

In July 2010, the SSRC hosted a planning meeting in Havana, Cuba, to outline the contours of a new partnership on migration with the University of Havana. The Council is working with the migration centers of the University of Havana to assess the current state of research on migration in Cuba and to put forth agendas for research during the coming years. Central to this project will be facilitating, in modest ways, the incorporation of Cuban specialists into the international professional networks from which they have long been excluded while attracting the interest of foreign institutions and individuals to work in Cuba for the first time. Another core objective is strengthening the capacity of Cuban institutions to collaborate with one another.

In October 2009, the SSRC received its thirteenth institutional license from the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control, which expanded the scope of permissible activities between the SSRC and institutions in Cuba. We have therefore been able to explore new avenues for collaboration with Cuban counterparts. These have included migration, issues around sexual diversity and minorities, and continued but expanded work on economic development and Cuban libraries and archives.

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