Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum

The Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum (CPPF) has been busy recently supporting UN policymaking and operations by providing UN decisionmakers rapid access to leading scholars, experts, and practitioners outside the UN system through informal consultations, off-the-record briefings, and commissioned research.

Recent highlights include:


Democratic Republic of Congo, July 2010: A paper presented on the politics of decentralization in the DRC, focusing on Bandundu Province.
Liberia, June 2010 (Monrovia): A meeting to discuss the eventual transfer of security responsibilities in Liberia.
North Africa, June 2010 (New York): A meeting on regional dynamics and national context in North Africa.
Sudan, June 2010 (New York): The first of two meetings to discuss post-referendum planning in Sudan. The second meeting will take place in the region in the fall.

Asia and the Pacific

Myanmar, June 2010: A paper presented, providing an overview of elections in Myanmar.
Thailand, May 2010 (New York): Two briefings on the protests in Bangkok and the prospects for UN engagement.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Paraguay, July 2010 (New York): A meeting on governance and state fragility in Paraguay.
Honduras, May 2010: A paper presented on Honduras’s security sector and evolving roles of the military.
Nicaragua, May 2010 (Managua): A meeting on opportunities for and challenges to governance and democratic consolidation in Nicaragua.
Drugs and Organized Crime in Latin America, March 2010 (New York): Two meetings on drug trafficking and organized crime in Latin America and the role of the United Nations in addressing these challenges.

In addition, Haiti continued to be an area of focus for CPPF both before and after the devastating earthquake in January. In December 2009, CPPF staff members Bill O’Neill and Renata Segura organized an outreach trip to Haiti followed by a brainstorming session in New York to help define priority areas of engagement for the UN in Haiti in the near future. Shortly after the earthquake, O’Neill returned to Haiti to serve as Special Advisor to the SRSG. On his return to New York, CPPF convened three informal briefings on the situation in post-earthquake Haiti. O’Neill has been contributing a number of interviews and essays on Haiti’s recovery and helped organize the Council’s web forum on Haiti, Now and Next. Also, see his essay in this Items & Issues.

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